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The way society taught you to do business is wrong. Here’s the secret genius killer + what to do instead.

The way society taught you to do business is wrong. Here’s the secret genius killer + what to do instead.

Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, like you can’t sustain the success you’ve created? It’s legitimately not your fault. You’ve been fed a lie. 

Women, neurodivergent folks, non-sacral beings, activist-minded, highly sensitive people… This one is big time for you.

The first time I knew I had to do things differently was in 2011.

I was almost through college getting a Physics degree I’d never use, a year after my dad had unexpectedly died. I felt like an orphan due to the estranged relationship with my mother.

I was drinking way too much. The work-hard-play-hard motto at the University of Michigan was real.

(I’d say GO BLUE! But I was never really into ball sports, frats, or beer)

I had undiagnosed ADHD that I wouldn’t even find out about for another decade.

I was strongly against therapy thanks to being court ordered to go for months at 14 when my mom left.

I was drastically under-eating thanks to the 90’s programming that looking like a preteen was the only attractive size for a white woman.

And it all came together as severe can’t-get-myself-out-of-bed-for-days depression.

My best friend / roommate was studying abroad in Europe so I was alone in the basement apartment. No one to check on me, having blown up my closest relationships. I was doing the best I could with what I knew at the time, but my choices and actions had seriously hurt people I had once loved.

That depression, which cycled into years of chronic anxiety, changed me.

I had once thought I could do anything. I had been voted as Most Likely to Succeed in high school. But now I felt deep-seated fear of pushing myself back over into that dark hole that I couldn’t get out of. Going too far + too hard that my brain chemistry would lash out.

I knew I couldn’t work 9-5 around people 40+ hours a week. I knew that my biological cycles and needs were different than other people.

So I just… didn’t… apply for any jobs after college.

My best friends and peers went on to high profile, 6+ figure corporate jobs or grad school straight out of school.

I found myself doing freelance marketing and admin stuff online & learning on the job. I was traumatized and leaning into spiritual bypassing gurus to try to survive. And to be honest — The 4 Hour Work Week had been published fairly recently and I was SOLD and committed to not being stuck in a corporate job before I had ever even had one.

Even with the isolation, I loved the freedom. I fell into the permaculture and prepper movements and moved to Hawaii because I had no roots in Michigan anymore.

The wild potential of working online was being yelled from every direction. I didn’t want to be the face of a company, but I loved the idea of not having to be in an office. Of making an income independent of what was happening in the local economy. Of having my own schedule. And honestly, to be able to hide from people when depression or anxiety were staring me in the face.

Fast forward to now…

…where I have a completely location-independent online business helping hundreds of creative, heart-centered business owners have the business that nourishes them and that makes an impact. 

…I have put down roots, and have the time and resources to contribute and be active in my local community. 

…I wrote a bestselling award-winning book that gives me passive income AND has people DM-ing me daily telling me how much it’s changed their life. 

…I bought 7 acres where my husband and I are building an off-grid homestead and regenerative agriculture education center, to reforest the area and to give the land back to the Hawaiian people. 

…I have a team supporting my business’s mission, healers in my corner, deep IRL friendships, the best life partner I could imagine, trusted mentors and peers.

I look back on 10 years ago Sam — even 5 years ago Sam — and whisper to her that it’s better than she could’ve imagined.

But there were years of having nightmare clients. Trying to fix things by buying many online courses. Being severely underpaid. My business only “working” because I was hella frugal and we had such low expenses…

– But I wasn’t 1 funnel away from the 2 Comma Club.

– Getting my IG following to a few thousand people didn’t make things easier because the algorithm always seemed to change.

– I used my 25-minute Pomodoro timer to schedule my day, and I still had too much to do.

We’ve all heard that quote “Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week,” and we laugh. Because it’s true.

But the truth comes from a lot of people selling a lie.

That truth also comes from the collective soup we all dwell in.

The one held up by capitalism and colonialism. The one that’s fueled by the unpaid labor of women, the gender pay gap, and completely exploiting the human and natural resources of other countries (our own too, but nothing compared to places like Congo).

Despite the wealth of bullshit online, the issues behind sooooooo many heart-centered online business owners being burnt out, not making the money they want (or the impact they dream of) isn’t actually online business. The issue isn’t selling things, or money as a concept. I mean, come on, monetary exchange and trade is ancient and a fundamental part of maintaining good relationships between individuals, communities, and nations.

You already sense this: “Standard” business practices don’t work for women, neurodivergent, activist-minded, sensitive people.

If you’re envisioning a better world from how it is now – we’re not going to get there with current business practices

And really — you already know that “Business As Usual” is killing the planet, people, and our souls.

You’re about to learn the real reason why online business isn’t working, and how you can build up your resilience to any algorithm change, recession, or AI advancement (or do nothing as you keep questioning if you should just shut down your business since it’d be less stressful to get a 9-5).

First, we need a healthy dose of context.

Because there’s ONE THING at the root of this clusterfuck. Let’s get on the same page so it stops running your business potential.

Here’s what we know:

  1. The way society is set up is fucked & it’s conditioned us to work a certain way that is against our nature.
  2. “Standard” business practices don’t work for women, neurodivergent, activist-minded, sensitive people (it’s not just you).
  3. “Business As Usual” is killing the planet, people, and our souls. We need to move forward quickly with an alternative or else we’re all fucked.

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